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Why webbutcher? I've owned the domain WoodButcher.net for many years and I built and maintain a site using it. The name derives from my love of woodworking and my ability to recover from the inevitable mistakes which can occur. I'm self taught, both in woodworking and web development, but learning the skills of one translates to developing the tools of the other, so I'm uniquely able to assess your web needs and develop an attractive and functional site to accommodate them.

Some websites I've done:

Already have a website? I'll make it better. First, I'll clean up the code so that it is standards compliant and validates—computer geek Greek meaning that the backend of your site is performing at peak efficiency and will look right in the most popular browsers. Then, we'll go over your content to

Your ideas along with my experience and writing skills will yield content which gets results. In the real world, particularly in the professional world, your potential clients judge you by how you write. Your website is the bridge to your success and your writing pays the toll. I'll make you better.

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